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What is a N95 Respirator Masks?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there are different types of disposable particle respirators and an N95 respirator falls into that category.Particulate respirators are also known as ‘air-purifying respirators’ because they protect by filtering particles out of the air as you breathe. These respirators protect only against particles—not gases or vapors. Since airborne biological agents such as bacteria or viruses are particles, they can be filtered by particulate respirators.The different ratings in place for respirators indicate how well the mask would protect against oils and are rated as N, R, or P.According to NIOSH, “respirators are rated ‘N,’ if they are Not resistant to oil, ‘R’ if somewhat Resistant to oil, and ‘P’ if strongly resistant (oil Proof).”This is where the numbers come in.Respirators that filter out 95 percent of airborne particles are given a 95 rating, so N95 respirator filters out 95 percent of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil. The respirators that filter out at least 99 percent of airborne particles have a 99 rating and the ones that filter out 99.97 percent of airborne particles, which NIOSH notes as essentially 100 percent, receive a 100 rating.

Why N95 masks are so important

What is an N95 mask used for?

N95 masks are very efficient as they filter air pollutants easily. 95% of air pollutants can be easily filtered through these masks but according to the doctors, people who are suffering from respiratory diseases should not use these masks as they have to face serious consequences. N95 masks sometimes make difficult to breathe. Children should not use N95 masks. These masks do not provide full security in coronavirus. You can feel difficult to breathe in N95 masks and full security is also not guaranteed.

My strong recommendation is to use surgical masks as they are good enough to prevent 100% pollutants of coronavirus. They can easily prevent the transmission of this virus. There is no breathing difficulty to the wearer in these masks. If fitted properly to the face surgical masks prevent you from coronavirus.

Maybe N95 can protect you from coronavirus but doctors are not sure about it as they can create breathing problems.

N95 Respirators Masks In Stock!

    • One Size Fits All: Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes
    • Wide Application: Perfect for machining, automobile making, sports, running, hiking, climbing and so on.
    • Material: KN95 MASK, which is made of high quality material, comfortable material with not rub your face
    • Comfortable and Breathable: Made of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, this mouth MASK is lightweight and comfortable, no rub your face and makeup.
    • Respirators Valve: The valve is designed for easy exhalation to help keep the wearer more comfortable.

    • 5 LAYER CONSTRUCTION. It protects your respiratory system. The outer layer blocks large particles, Meltblown cloth layer blocks more than 94% particle attachments. Structural Layer builds a 3D space for non-contacts between your mouth and the Respirator. The layer of kiss the skin with no skin allergy.
    • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR. Soft elastic earband makes it quite simple to wear and ensures long wearing comfort. Adjustable hook & loop strap provides the perfect feeling for the whole day wearing.
    • 3D STRUCTURE. The 3D structure provides enough breathing space for you to have the fresh air and narrows the gap between the mask and your face. The mask is fit for various face shapes. (NOT AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN)
    • WARMLY ATTENTION. After using the mask in the crowd for hours or the mask gets polluted, please wash your hands and change a new one in a safe place carefully, then put the polluted one into the trash can. Don’t forget to wash your hands after all these process :).

    • Package Contents: Kids Mask; Surgical Disposable device with elastic bands and adaptable nose bridge – ideal for protecting your daily health
    • Multi-layer protection: 3 layers This dust filter Mask protects you from dust, cold, ash, pollen, allergies, mist, fog, vehicle exhaust fumes and protects your neck and lungs
    • Easy to carry: It is comfortable, soft and offers the advantages of sweat removal and excellent breathability. You can wear it for a long time, it can be fitted to your face for a better fit. The little facial effect is very good
    • Wide range of applications: Can be used in electronics production, in clean rooms, in catering, in food processing, in schools, for motorcycles, in beauty care, in environmental cleaning, in public places and many other applications
    • Elastic earbands: Good elastic earbuds that can be adjusted and are suitable for most adult male or female sizes. Of course, it can also be used as a decoratiion
    • WE INSIST 3-PLY MASK – Usually the masks are three-ply (three layers). This three-ply material is made up from a melt-blown material placed between non-woven fabric. The melt-blown material acts as the filter that well stops Virals from entering or exiting the masks.
    • SOFT BUT RELIABLE – Soft and comfortable ear hook markss, not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work. A flexible Nose bar is adopted at the bridge of nose; The four sides of the marks join flatly and tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into the masks and thus make breathe safely.
    • THREE MASKS A DAY – masks contain filters that prevent spray and pollutants from being spread. For hygiene reasons, use disposable markss and replace them when they get moist. markss can only be worn for a maximum of four hours and it is best to change them regularly so they can remain effective.
    • THE RIGHT WAY TO WAER A MASK – The BLUE side of the marks is usually the front and should face away from you, while the white side touches your face.

What N95 masks different from Face masks?

N95 respirators masks are designed to give high amount of protection from Airborne particles when compared with surgical mask. N95 respirators Masks has the ability to get u 95 percent protection whereas surgical mask wont do. Cases like pulmonary TB, measles required the use of N95 masks because mycobacterium can make u infected when u are wearing surgical mask and care for a patient in airborne isolation with negative pressure. N95 has better design with 3 layer for effective filtering of organisms whereas surgical mask wont.

N95 Respirators Masks | Where to buy N95 respirator masks?

Health officials in the U.S. are telling citizens not to buy or wear masks because they do not protect you. Other countries state the opposite. Everyone in China, Japan, etc is wearing masks. What’s the truth?

For covid19, little is known about humans. We don’t fully understand exactly how we need to be exposed, and how many viruses are exposed to the infection. We also don’t understand how individual differences differ in combating viral infections. Including the effects of different protective measures on the infectivity of the virus, we do not actually have a conclusion that is currently scientific. All of this means that any suggestion about covid19 may be wrong.

But this does not mean that we cannot do anything, such as wearing a mask. Yes, we are not sure that wearing a mask (whether the highest level n95 mask or the lowest level homemade cloth mask) can prevent the virus infection. There are currently no research conclusions in this regard. But at least we can make relatively reasonable inferences from our past experience with other viruses and some things we currently see.